Leaky Gut

No Health Without Healthy Gut

The intestine is the root of humankind. Can a plant thrive without healthy roots? Hardly. The same applies to people.

Leaky gut has become a widespread disease in recent years. In our patients, we detect a leaky gut in more than 70% of all cases.

What exactly does Leaky Gut mean?

Leaky gut describes an increased permeability of the small intestine accompanied by diminished intestinal immunity. Our small intestine loses its ability to be selective in the sense that it allows pro-inflammatory proteins and other molecules to seep into the blood and lymph circulation. In a healthy state, they would otherwise not be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa causes increased exposure of the intestinal immune system to food components as well as all kinds of foreign antigens and countless food additives. Additionally, bacteria (especially if the composition of the intestinal flora is abnormal), molds and yeasts (Candida species) and their metabolic products may be significantly more effective as triggers of immune activation and mediation of systemic inflammation (i.e., whole-body inflammation) if the selectivity function of the intestinal mucosa is deficient. This can be clinically observed not only in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases but also after long-term antibiotic therapies, which are nearly always accompanied by increases in zonulin and a disrupted intestinal flora.

The Intestinal Barrier

Tight junctions (lat. Zonula occludens) are narrow bands of membrane proteins that connect the epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa. The tight junctions close the space between the cells and thus form a reliable diffusion barrier in a healthy state. For example, the barrier controls the flow of dissolved amino acids, sugars, and fatty acids as well as immunoglobulins, but also inflammatory food proteins, bacterial lipopolysaccharides, and Candida antigens.

Intestinal restoration is a central component of all holistic medicine. Natural remedies that are highly sophisticated have proven successful in causative intestinal restoration.

Leaky gut fosters chronic full-body inflammation, particularly in the form of autoimmune diseases.

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