Dr. med. Til Steinmeier


After completing my studies in Paris, Geneva, and Hamburg, I first specialized in anesthesia and emergency medicine and worked as an anesthesiologist and in surgical intensive care units at major hospitals. I also gathered some eight years of experience as a doctor in ambulances and rescue helicopters.

To broaden my medical knowledge and pursue my true medical interests, I subsequently specialized in general medicine with a focus on environmental medicine and naturopathy.

We have successfully developed environmental medicine, naturopathic treatments along with biological and holistic medicine in my practice. Today they represent the main focus of my work. For me, holistic medicine means the completely natural integration of university medicine with proven and tested naturopathic treatments. After more than 30 years as a doctor, high-quality and effective medical care that not only suppresses symptoms but also recognizes and treats causes is unimaginable to me without the unique significance of environmental medicine and naturopathy.



1988 License to practice medicine at the University of Hamburg

Professional Training

  • Specialist for anesthesia and emergency medicine at the Klinikum Nord Hamburg and at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Specialist for General Medicine / Hamburg Medical Association
  • Neural Therapy / Hamburg Medical Association
  • Naturopathy / Hamburg Medical Association
  • Sports Medicine / Hamburg Medical Association


  • Manual Therapy / Physicians Association for Manual Therapy Berlin
  • Environmental Medicine at EUROPAEM / Würzburg

Since 1999: Licensed physician in Hamburg / city center

Periodic Further Education:

  • Environmental Medicine / Dr. Joachim Mutter / Dr. Johannes Naumann
  • Biological Medicine / Dr. Joachim Mutter / Dr. Johannes Naumann
  • Medizinische Woche Baden-Baden, www.medwoche.de
  • Regular, ongoing training in environmental medicine and biological medicine


  • Medical Association for Clinical Metal Toxicology, www.metallausleitung.de
  • German Lyme disease Society, www.borreliose-gesellschaft.de
  • Hormone Network, www.hormon-netzwerk.de