Welcome to BIOLOGICUM⁺

Clinic for root cause therapy and autoimmune diseases

Using selected diagnostic and therapeutic methods, we can help when traditional medicine reaches its limits or even limits itself. To help you, we combine university medicine, environmental medicine, and scientifically based naturopathic treatments.

At BIOLOGICUM+ we can help you with chronic diseases and offer you an individually adapted, intelligent "Better Aging" concept. We develop a personal therapy and health concept for each of our patients.

Special expertise - what do we do differently?

We concentrate on the root cause analysis and therapy of major and chronic diseases. We focus our analyses and treatments on the following diseases and their causes:

We are a specialist practice for chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and environmental medicine.

Our high standards of service when it comes to regaining your health go far beyond those of conventional medicine. Through in-depth and advanced diagnostics, we successfully diagnose these complex conditions in a precise and subtle manner and then treat them accordingly.

To achieve this, we use the most sophisticated and powerful instrument available in modern environmental medicine: INUSpheresis®, a method that uses apheresis (blood cleansing). With this highly efficient and scientific procedure, we can reach treatment goals that conventional medicine cannot deliver.

Many of our patients undergo a veritable odyssey from doctor to doctor to therapist and are relieved when they are fully understood for the first time. After all, we're talking about your most valuable asset: your health. We are committed to this. Above everything else. We can find solutions together.

The whole spectrum of consequences is found in many diagnoses, such as the following: