Therapeutic Services

We treat the causes, not the symptoms

We offer you a cross-concept range of interdisciplinary scientific treatment methods. Alongside conventional medical treatment, we also provide holistic therapies. All treatments at BIOLOGICUM+ are scientifically proven and substantiated with the therapeutic aim of restoring the body's natural self-regulation. Based on the latest scientific findings from a wide range of medical disciplines, we at BIOLOGICUM+ administer the therapies listed below with the utmost care:

INUSpheresis®/Plasma Cleaning

All chronic diseases stem from chronic inflammation. Long-term chronic inflammation eventually leads to one of the numerous autoimmune diseases. Using INUSpheresis®, we specifically remove inflammation mediators not only from your blood but, due to an osmotic gradient, also from connective tissue, fatty tissue, and the nervous system. Moreover, we measurably flush out malformed autoimmune antibodies from the blood, which makes INUSpheresis® particularly suitable for the root cause therapy of autoimmune diseases. Similarly, highly dangerous, pro-inflammatory immune complexes that we often detect in chronic inflammation are measurably removed. An additional advantage of INUSpheresis® is the removal of environmental toxins that are present everywhere today. Numerous scientists regard the countless, unavoidable environmental toxins that every human being ingests daily as the primary cause and initial trigger of latent, chronic inflammation, "silent inflammation." This could later lead to the development of various autoimmune diseases, which are currently increasing at a rapid rate - and in all probability to various cancers, which are also increasing by 2% each year.

INUSpherese® btreats the cause of the disease and significantly contributes to the prevention of many other diseases.

Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)

Just like INUSpheresis®, IPT is scientifically proven. IPT is based on the findings in PET (positron emission tomography) that chronically infected cells and tumor cells have a significantly increased sugar requirement (glucose uptake). PET involves the injection of radioactively tagged glucose into the veins, which is considerably more readily absorbed by tumor cells than healthy cells. The radioactively tagged glucose accumulates almost exclusively in tumor cells, which are then made visible through PET.

The same applies to chronically infected cells. In chronic infections such as Lyme disease and its co-infections as well as in chronic viral infections (Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegaly, etc.), we specifically lower the blood sugar with insulin to a very low level of approx. 40 mg%. At this point, we administer glucose to the diseased, sugar-hungry, infected cells, to which we couple an antibiotic for bacterial infections or an antiviral for viral infections.

This way we can achieve very high effective levels of the desired active pharmaceutical ingredient within the diseased cell using significantly lower doses of antibiotics/virostatics while simultaneously protecting healthy cells. With insulin potentiated therapy we need considerably lower doses of the medication to achieve targeted transport into the diseased/infected cells while preserving the healthy cells at the same time.

Chelation Therapy

In around 80% of our patients, we are able to detect toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. These commonly occurring toxic heavy metals block hundreds of important enzyme systems in the body, act directly as neurotoxic agents and exert epigenetic influences on DNA. Chelation therapy (Cheilos = ancient Greek for "forceps") literally grabs on to toxic heavy metals with forceps at the chemical/structural level and in this way makes them excretable via the kidneys. The amount of heavy metals excreted during chelation therapy can be concretely detected in the urine. The connective tissue, the nerve tissue, the brain, and all internal organs are freed from dangerous everyday toxins. Our patients often report improved vision, improved sleep quality, improved memory performance, a reduction in allergic symptoms and generally improved overall stamina.

In the US Environmental Protection Agency's CERCLA list, arsenic, lead and mercury rank as the first, second and third most important everyday poisens in industrialized countries.

More information here: Chelation-Therapie


Hormones control our vitality, strength, lust, entrepreneurial spirit and drive. The organs controlling this process are the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs, and the pancreas. A careful analysis of the entire hormonal status should be carried out from no later than the age of 50 in order to maintain the essential functions that provide us with strength, joy of life, optimism, confidence and vitality and maintain our health, if necessary with the help of entirely natural hormone regulation without using chemical hormone analogues.

Biological Medicine

Biological medicine is based on the logic and laws of nature. Where chemical medicine/university medicine always tries to chemically suppress an existing symptom or remove it by surgery, biological medicine investigates the causes of the disease. Once the cause(s) of disease is understood, there is generally a natural and logical way to treat it. Biological medicine usually requires more time than chemical medicine or university medicine. But biological medicine can cure diseases, while chemical medicine can only suppress unwanted symptoms.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine does not view each organ of a human being in isolation but places particular value in its diagnosis on the relationships between the organs and the interrelated functions of the organs. Simply following the logic of nature and not an arbitrarily isolated individual analysis of a single organ. In addition, holistic medicine combines the advantages and benefits of university medicine with established and thoroughly understood biological, natural remedies.