Dr. med. Til Steinmeier
is a specialist for anesthesia and emergency medicine as well as a specialist for general medicine with a focus on environmental medicine and naturopathy.

Dr. Marissa Polac
is a specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care, and emergency medicine, currently undergoing further training to become a general practitioner.

Sandra Gabryschek
Physician Assistant

Maren Kober
Physician Assistant


Jan Strese
Physician Assistant


Dr. Martina Mahlmann
is a specialist in general medicine with a focus on thyroid diagnostics as well as medical nutrition counselling and nutritional medicine.

Dr. Mehmet Simsek
is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, and Palliative Medicine.

Vanessa Schröter
Physician Assistant

Julia Gießler
Physician Assistant


Nahne Nissen
Physician Assistant