Root Cause Therapy

Getting to the Bottom of Symptoms

Traditionally, "classical medicine" is confined to the suppression of an unwanted symptom.

One example
High blood pressure is reduced using various antihypertensives (such as ß-blockers, calcium antagonists, ACE inhibitors, Sartanes, nitro preparations, etc.). However, every case of high blood pressure has underlying causes that can often be identified.

Our approach lies precisely here. We start by investigating the causes of your symptom (the so-called disease, in this case, high blood pressure) to correspondingly treat it logically and causatively.

In our experience, hypertension can be caused by constricted, obstructed capillaries ( areas of the arteries where final blood flow occurs), which we can, for example, flush free using INUSpheresis® and thereby reduce high blood pressure in the long term at its source of origin.

Food allergies, other forms of allergies/intolerances, various environmental toxins, kidney weakness, hormonal imbalances, etc. can also cause high blood pressure.

By taking the trouble to understand the underlying causes of a disease, prescribing lifelong "anti" drugs with all their side effects can often be avoided.