A Milestone in Innovative High-tech Medicine

In an age of drastically increasing inflammation and autoimmune diseases and with cancer rates rising by 2% every year, pharmacology has not made any significant breakthroughs in recent decades.

INUSpheresis® is one of the most effective methods of root cause analysis and therapy.

With INUSpheresis®/blood washing, we can simultaneously achieve several goals: We specifically flush out environmental toxins in the blood that cause disease and inflammation. In addition, we reduce the remaining inflammation mediators by half with every INUSpheresis®, i.e., we reduce the inflammation per session by approximately 50%. We also filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies. In other words, we are not tackling the rapidly increasing global phenomenon of autoimmune diseases with side-effect-rich "anti" agents, but instead explicitly removing their triggering factors like environmental toxins, inflammation mediators and malformed autoimmune antibodies.

One of the greatest benefits of INUSpheresis® is seen in autoimmune, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA). With each INUSpheresis®, we can reduce the critical inflammation marker CRP by about 50 %. We can also significantly reduce numerous other inflammation markers. For many rheumatism patients, one INUSpheresis® session leads to a noticeable improvement in their mobility and a significant reduction in pain.

A further example of the clinical importance of flushing out the causes of inflammation from the blood and ultimately from the nervous system is polyneuropathy. INUSpheresis® presents a clear and evidence-based indication.

How important environmental toxins can be is often made clear in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndromes (MCS). Clinical hypersensitivity to many chemicals often decreases as the body is relieved of pervasive, common environmental toxins.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), when caused by underlying chronic inflammation, can also demonstrate the impact of the inflammatory agents that are washed out with INUSpheresis®.

Special Long Covid Apheresis Therapy

As a result of the cooperation with the University Clinic Dresden, we have been able to develop a special Corona Apheresis cascade therapy module for patients with Long Covid symptoms, which we have incidentally also used successfully for vaccination damage:

A) A lipid apheresis and one day later naturopathic infusions with selected anti-inflammatory and antioxidant infusions.

B) A therapy with INUSpheresis®, with the ability to remove autoimmune antibodies, circulating immune complexes, inflammatory factors, environmental toxins (triggers) and pathogenic proteins. Here, the removal of autoimmune antibodies is crucial. Acetyl glutathione (an antioxidant) and a vitamin preparation are added.

Depending on the patient, stabilisation is achieved with an individual medication plan that includes special infusion therapies, whereby the prevention of thrombi (small vessel occlusions) has priority:

Enzymes and anticoagulants, if corresponding clinical pictures are known.
Improvement of microcirculation e.g. with gingko infusions
Anti-inflammatory infusions, usually 2 therapies are necessary initially, then a repeat after 2-4 weeks.


Moreover, INUSpheresis® has been proven to significantly improve blood circulation in the arterioles and capillaries, i.e., the smallest terminal branches of the arteries. This is precisely where blood pressure is regulated and where crucial processes of metabolism take place. It not only improves circulatory disorders such as coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular disorders but also increases the blood flow (microcirculation) to all internal organs, which improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen and at the same time often enables the removal of metabolic waste products. For example, the eyes in particular benefit from this in macular and retinal diseases, as do the kidneys, brain, and heart.

INUSpheresis® works similarly to dialysis for kidney patients, in which the dialysis/blood washing eliminates the urinary substances that the kidneys can no longer remove from the body. However, INUSpheresis® uses other intelligent filters that are capable of specifically removing malformed autoimmune antibodies, inflammation mediators, environmental toxins, virus particles, etc. from the body.

As a result of the specific effect that takes place during INUSpheresis®, the disease agents mentioned above are also washed out of connective tissue, fatty tissue, nervous tissue, the eyes, and all the internal organs.

Apheresis (Def.: to remove something, to filter) was first developed and applied in 1956 by the Japanese physician Agishi. The reason for this was the challenges posed by a mercury catastrophe in Japan (Minamata catastrophe). Since that time, apheresis has continuously been improved and is a well-established treatment for lipid disorders (genetic fat disorders), rheumatism and emergency medicine. Since 2002, apheresis, the tried and tested method of blood cleaning, has been scientifically further developed by the company INUS into INUSpheresis®, allowing the rapid and virtually side-effect-free elimination of accumulated toxins and chronic inflammation from the body. INUSpheresis® is also seeing a considerable boom in emerging China. Its unique advantage is evident in the rapidly increasing incidence of autoimmune diseases and environmental pollution, for which INUSpheresis® can often be of decisive help. The unique ability to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies (e.g., rheumatism, Hashimoto, polyneuropathy, etc.), inflammatory agents and disease-causing environmental toxins from the blood is the unique strength of INUSpheresis®. Another significant capability of therapeutic administration is the measurable improvement of blood circulation in the arterial capillaries, which significantly improves oxygen and nutrient supply to tissue and supports the removal of metabolic waste products. The result is an effective and natural revitalization of all tissue.

For decades, INUSpheresis® has been tested, scientifically observed and further refined by numerous physicians. Proof of effectiveness can be individually provided for each patient. In this way, concrete evidence can be presented as to which disease-causing circulating immune complexes, inflammation mediators, malformed autoimmune antibodies and environmental toxins have been removed from your body and in what quantities.

The INUSpheresis® available at BIOLOGICUM+ is currently the most effective method to filter environmental toxins, malformed autoimmune antibodies, circulating immune complexes and inflammation mediators out of the body. It has proven its value in more than 17,000 applications. Our task is to restore the body to its natural ability to regulate and function properly. INUSpheresis® is indispensable for us and is an integral part of our root cause therapy.


Environmental toxins operate according to Haber's rule: the longer they linger, the more toxic they Environmental toxins operate according to Haber's rule: the longer they linger, the more toxic they become. In contrast, INUSpheresis® works according to the laws of thermodynamics and thus enables detoxification and elimination of toxins through the number of therapies performed and the duration of the treatment. This is achieved based on well-known natural laws and as such can be calculated precisely. With INUSpheresis®, we filter disease-causing toxins and a host of autoimmune antibodies as well as virus particles (e.g., hepatitis C and HIV) out of the body. After the first INUSpheresis®, these disease-causing agents are significantly reduced and can be eliminated entirely through repetition.

These include:

  1. Rheumatic antibodies, autoantibodies towards connective tissue, vascular structures, neural structures, and muscular structures
  2. Reduction of hyperregulated or deregulated interleukins  
  3. Circulating pathogenic immune complexes
  4. Abnormal antibodies/paraproteins
  5. Abnormal haptens from heavy metals, solvents, and nanoparticles
  6. Virus particles (hepatitis C and HIV)

The positive effect of INUSpheresis® is also evident in energy metabolism (lactate/pyruvate metabolism improves, positive changes in peroxynitrite metabolism can also be proven).

This can improve critical metabolic pathways in chronic diseases.

Benefits of INUSpheresis®

INUSpheresis® is not the same as dialysis. Dialysis is typically used to treat life-threatening kidney failure and is, therefore, a substitute method for purifying the body's own blood. In contrast, INUSpheresis® cleans the blood in a similar way to dialysis, but with the aim of removing the disease-causing environmental toxins, pathological antibodies, circulating immune complexes, inflammatory mediators and numerous other substances from the blood/plasma, connective tissue, nerve tissue, and fatty tissue. Also, INUSpheresis® significantly improves microcirculation. This additional benefit improves the body's own kidney function and often helps to correct high blood pressure naturally and effectively. Blood purified in in this way is returned to the patient completely.

Especially chronic infections and severely dysregulated inflammation with its resulting severe organ damage – which previously could neither be halted nor reversed using conventional medicine – can often be successfully treated with INUSpheresis®. Particular mention should be given here to environmental toxin diseases with chronic inflammation as well as chronic autoimmune diseases. The preventive use of INUSpheresis® can often help to counter all of these increasingly common autoimmune diseases in advance.

Classic disease profiles in which INUSpheresis® can be applied in a cause-related manner include any type of chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and tumors.

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