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In an age of drastically increasing autoimmune diseases and inflammation, with cancer rates often triggered by viral infections and environmental influences, pharmacology has not made any significant breakthroughs in recent decades. Especially chronic infections and severely misregulated inflammations leading to significant organ damage, which neither could be contained nor reversed with current medicine, can often only be successfully influenced by INUSpheresis® blood washing. If INUSpheresis® is used preventively, many of these rapidly increasing autoimmune diseases can often be prevented in advance.

INUSpheresis® is one of the most effective methods of root cause analysis and therapy.

Environmental toxins work according to Haber's rule: The longer they act, the more toxic they become. INUSpheresis®, on the other hand, operates according to the laws of thermodynamics, thus allowing detoxification and decluttering based on the number of therapies performed and the time used. This is based on well-known natural laws and is therefore precisely calculable.

With INUSpheresis®/blood washing, we can simultaneously achieve several goals: We specifically flush out environmental toxins in the blood that cause disease and inflammation. In addition, we reduce the remaining inflammation mediators by half with every INUSpheresis®, i.e., we reduce the inflammation per session by approximately 50%. We also filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies and virus particles (e.g., Hepatitis C and HIV). In other words, we are not tackling the rapidly increasing global phenomenon of autoimmune diseases with side-effect-rich "anti" agents, but instead explicitly removing their triggering factors like environmental toxins, inflammation mediators, and malformed autoimmune antibodies.

Because of the osmotic effect that occurs during INUSpheresis®, the aforementioned disease-causing agents are also washed out from the connective tissue, adipose tissue, nerve tissue, eyes, and all internal organs. With the first INUSpheresis®, these disease-causing agents are significantly reduced and can be completely eliminated with repetitions.

The Effectiveness of INUSpheresis® for Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

  • One of the greatest benefits of INUSpheresis® is seen in autoimmune, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA). With each INUSpheresis®, we can reduce the critical inflammation marker CRP by about 50%. We can also significantly reduce numerous other inflammation markers. For many rheumatism patients, one INUSpheresis® session leads to a noticeable improvement in their mobility and a significant reduction in pain.
  • A further example of the clinical importance of flushing out the causes of inflammation from the blood and ultimately from the nervous system is polyneuropathy. INUSpheresis® presents a clear and evidence-based indication.
  • How important environmental toxins can be is often made clear in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndromes (MCS). Clinical hypersensitivity to many chemicals often decreases as the body is relieved of pervasive, common environmental toxins.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), when caused by underlying chronic inflammation, can also demonstrate the impact of the inflammatory agents that are washed out with INUSpheresis®.

Special Long Covid Apheresis Therapy

As a result of the cooperation with the University Clinic Dresden, we have been able to develop a special Corona Apheresis cascade therapy module for patients with Long Covid symptoms, which we have incidentally also used successfully for vaccination damage:

A) A lipid apheresis and one day later naturopathic infusions with selected anti-inflammatory and antioxidant infusions.

B) A therapy with INUSpheresis®, with the ability to remove autoimmune antibodies, circulating immune complexes, inflammatory factors, environmental toxins (triggers) and pathogenic proteins. Here, the removal of autoimmune antibodies is crucial. Acetyl glutathione (an antioxidant) and a vitamin preparation are added.

Depending on the patient, stabilization is achieved with an individual medication plan that includes special infusion therapies, whereby the prevention of thrombi (small vessel occlusions) has priority:

  • Enzymes and anticoagulants, if corresponding clinical pictures are known.
  • Improvement of microcirculation e.g. with gingko infusions.
  • Anti-inflammatory infusions, usually 2 therapies are necessary initially, then a repeat after 2-4 weeks.

Moreover, INUSpheresis® has been proven to significantly improve blood circulation in the arterioles and capillaries, i.e., the smallest terminal branches of the arteries. This is precisely where blood pressure is regulated and where crucial processes of metabolism take place. Not only do circulatory disorders like coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular disorders improve, but the blood flow (microcirculation) in all internal organs is also increased, optimizing the nutrient and oxygen supply and simultaneously enabling the removal of accumulated metabolic waste. Particularly, the eyes benefit from this in cases of macular and retinal diseases, as do the kidneys, brain, and heart.

The positive effect of INUSpheresis® also becomes evident in the energy metabolism (improvements in lactate/pyruvate metabolism are observable, along with positive changes in the peroxynitrite metabolism). This can lead to significant improvements in the metabolic pathways of chronic diseases.

The INUSpheresis® available at BIOLOGICUM+ is currently the most effective method to filter environmental toxins, malformed autoimmune antibodies, circulating immune complexes, and inflammation mediators out of the body. It has proven its value in thousands of applications. Our goal is to restore the body's natural regulatory and functional capacity. For us, INUSpheresis® is essential and a fundamental aspect of our root cause therapy.

History of the INUSpheresis® Procedure

Apheresis (Def.: to remove something, to filter) was first developed and applied in 1956 by the Japanese physician Agishi. The reason for this was the challenges posed by a mercury catastrophe in Japan (Minamata catastrophe). Since that time, apheresis has continuously been improved and is a well-established treatment for lipid disorders (genetic fat disorders), rheumatism, and emergency medicine. The tried and tested method of blood cleaning, apheresis, has been scientifically further developed by the company INUS into INUSpheresis® since 2002. This advancement allows the rapid and virtually side-effect-free elimination of accumulated toxins and chronic inflammation from the body. INUSpheresis® is also experiencing a considerable boom in emerging China. Its particular benefit is evident in the rapidly increasing incidence of autoimmune diseases and environmental stressors, where INUSpheresis® can often provide significant relief. The unique ability to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies (e.g., rheumatism, Hashimoto, polyneuropathy, etc.), inflammatory agents, and disease-causing environmental toxins from the blood is the distinctive strength of INUSpheresis®. Another significant capability of therapeutic administration is the measurable improvement of blood circulation in the arterial capillaries, which significantly improves oxygen and nutrient supply to tissue and supports the removal of metabolic waste products. The result is an effective and natural revitalization of all tissue.

INUSpheresis® vs. Dialysis vs. Immunoadsorption vs. Lipid Apheresis vs. H.E.L.P. Apheresis

The dialysis is typically used in cases of life-threatening kidney failure and therefore acts as a replacement procedure for the body's natural blood purification. In contrast, while INUSpheresis® washes the blood similarly to the principle of dialysis, its aim is to remove disease-causing environmental toxins, pathological (= autoimmune) antibodies, circulating immune complexes, inflammatory mediators, and numerous other substances from the blood/plasma, connective tissue, nerve tissue, and adipose tissue. As a result, the microcirculation is significantly improved with the help of INUSpheresis®. This is an additional benefit that enhances the natural function of the active kidney and often helps crucially in correcting high blood pressure in a natural and causal way.

Therapeutic apheresis, and especially immunoadsorption, are treatment options for diseases mediated (or caused) by autoantibodies. This is especially true when they are caused by autoantibodies of the IgG class and are resistant to drug therapy. Immunoadsorption quickly and efficiently removes autoantibodies from the patient's bloodstream. This allows for a selective reduction in the concentration of IgG antibodies (and sometimes also the IgM antibody concentration) in the blood, and that too within the shortest possible duration of therapy. Apheresis, or INUSpherese®, does not specifically and highly selectively remove IgG antibodies, but instead reduces overall malformed autoimmune antibodies, environmental toxins, and inflammatory mediators and factors. In this sense, apheresis has a broader indication than immunoadsorption.

Using a special filter, we also perform a targeted Lipid Apheresis for patients with the corresponding indication. In this way, we specifically wash out the most critical risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, namely Lipoprotein (a), and lower cholesterol, especially MDA-LDL = oxidized cholesterol. Due to more cost-effective filters, we can offer this apheresis at a similarly affordable price as the H.E.L.P. apheresis.

The H.E.L.P. procedure is solely for reducing blood fats. Just like INUSpheresis®, the plasma is separated from the other blood components. However, this is followed not by a highly specialized second filter but instead by adding heparin and an acetate buffer to the plasma, causing the pH value of the plasma to drop sharply. This changes the surface charge of specific blood fats (LDL-C, Lp(a)), leading to binding. The LDL cholesterol is then removed in a second pass with the heparin through precipitation or adsorption. The buffer solution is then removed in a 3rd pass using dialysis, and the physiological pH value is restored. The improved microcirculation in the H.E.L.P. apheresis is achieved through very high doses of heparin, not as with INUSpheresis® by relieving pathological blood components that are removed through a special, intelligent membrane.

INUSpheresis® has been tested, scientifically monitored, and developed over decades by numerous doctors. The proof of efficacy can be provided individually for each patient through blood analyses or analyses of the filter eluate. This can concretely demonstrate which disease-causing circulating immune complexes, inflammatory mediators, malformed autoimmune antibodies, and ubiquitous environmental toxins were removed from your body and in what quantities.

Cost of INUSpheresis®

Despite its many advantages, INUSpherese® therapy is generally not included in statutory or private health insurance benefits. Currently, a therapy session costs around 2,900 euros, depending on additional individual infusions administered during the INUSpherese®. The preliminary consultation, like all appointment-based discussions, is approximately 150 euros.

Please note
Before undergoing INUSpherese, a medical consultation is required at least 24 hours before treatment. This preliminary talk can be conducted with any of our doctors and can be booked online as an initial consultation. If you have a long journey, this discussion can also be conducted by telephone. Initially, it is usually recommended to have 2 INUSpherese sessions with at least a day's break in between.


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