Root Cause Analysis instead of Suppressing Symptoms

Without understanding the causes, a solution cannot be found.

Our work begins with a thorough interview and review of your individual medical history (anamnesis). We examine you as a whole. And every detail is important. That's why the initial consultation is so important for us. Our patients often bring the medical records of other treating physicians to this consultation to explain their history. We very much appreciate that!

An examination of the entire body is a significant part of making a conclusive diagnosis. This is why our diagnostics cover all conventional markers available in medicine, extremely subtle inflammation markers, all relevant parameters for the detection of disease-causing autoimmune reactions, and if required, advanced cancer diagnostics. We measure significantly more laboratory parameters than is usual in standard medicine.

We also use naturopathic methods to examine individual vibrational fields, which give us vital information on self-regulation or disrupted self-regulation of the body. Thermography provides us with scientifically reliable data for the early diagnosis of inflammation and tumors.

As part of the initial medical consultation, we discuss with you which diagnostic measures and therapy options are best suited for your individual needs.

Regulation and Self-healing

Restoring the body's natural regulation is a vital key to health. Without regulation, there is no self-healing. To support both, we at BIOLOGICUM+ investigate the causes and treat them with the most effective combinations. As a result, we strengthen the effectiveness of the therapy and use the strength we have gained for the next steps.

The Human Body – A Holistic System

Our mission statement "root cause analysis instead of symptom suppression" sounds simple but is still highly involved. If many specialists examine an individual organ in isolation, this can be useful and have advantages. But beyond that, the holistic view of a human being cannot under any circumstances be neglected. That every organ in the body is related to every other organ, that they mesh with each other like cogwheels of a clock, should be evident to everyone. You, as a whole person, are the basis for our examinations and your healing. It's the only way to avoid overlooking anything. No cog should stop, become bent or be missing. If we recognize the disruption in the system like this, we can logically restore natural and biological functions.

Environmental Toxins – Omnipresent and Increasingly Significant

Exposure to environmental toxins continues to rise in today's industrial society, and for most people, there is no avoiding them. Examples include pervasive plastic packaging (microplastics, softening agents), poisons in road, air and sea traffic, particulate matter from the abrasion of car tires and countless indoor pollutants emanating from paints, varnishes, adhesives, seals, household cleaning agents, upholstered furniture, laser printers, and numerous other products. There is a veritable toxic cocktail for each of us every day.

Food – Pro- and Anti-inflammatory

Today, every supermarket sells products containing several thousand additives. The main toxins in food are various preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, softening agents, colorants, aromas, and fragrances. Countless residues from agriculture such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides (e.g., glyphosate), artificial fertilizers, etc. are a daily burden. Just how bad this is for our body can be seen in the continually increasing incidence of disease.

Cosmetics, personal care products, and medicines – side effects included

Besides food, a variety of toxic ingredients in personal care products such as shampoos, body lotions, creams, and cosmetics have an effect on our bodies. Even children's toys are known to be contaminated with plastic softeners and a variety of harmful dyes and preservatives. It's a daily flood of toxins that seemingly knows no end.

Impact and Consequences

That this lifestyle cannot exist without consequences is clear to everyone. The daily flood of toxins doesn't make us sick immediately, but rather insidiously, and has the consequence that the adaptability, i.e., regulation of the human organism, is increasingly pushed to its limits. New civilization diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hyperactivity and electrosensitivity can develop. And numerous other diseases are associated with these environmental toxins. Allergies have also seen a massive increase in recent years, leading to widespread problems throughout the entire organism.

Paradigm Shift – Essential for Patients

Far too often, patients suffering from environmental diseases are fundamentally mistreated. The old doctrines in medicine are not being updated sufficiently and adapted to new findings. So it stays like it always was, and the patient falls by the wayside. Whether environmental factors are actually to blame for a disease requires a precise environmental medical analysis. That' s why we carry out targeted medical examinations at BIOLOGICUM+ based on your personal history. From patient consultation to the accurate measurement of harmful substances and corresponding biochemical reactions in your body – nothing should be left unconsidered here.