Detox Therapies

The Art of Detoxification

We all live in a highly industrialized world. On the one hand, this offers us the highest level of comfort and luxury, and on the other hand, it has a dark side in the unavoidable production of a bewildering array of ever-present environmental toxins.

Once a year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines the most significant everyday toxins in the lives of people living in industrialized countries in its CERCLA List:

It's rare for someone to fall ill as a result of this suddenly, but people gradually build up countless everyday toxins over many years in the nervous and fatty tissues, as well as in the eyes, prostate, kidneys, thyroid gland, female breast, etc., in a slow, insidious process, and so can gradually become ill.

Many scientists see these omnipresent everyday toxins as one of the leading causes of the sharp increase in autoimmune and cancer cases, not to mention mental illnesses, which have increased exponentially in the past two decades.

In highly modern and scientifically applied medicine, the art of detoxification demands a central role.

How common toxins affect the human body: 1. enzyme inhibitors of several thousand enzymes that are vital for the metabolism and the immune system. 2. defects in cell membranes (the brain of each individual cell). 3. degradation of fatty structures in the nervous system, more than two-thirds of which are made up of fats. 4. obstructions in mitochondrial metabolism (power stations of cells). 5. obstructions in liver metabolism. 6. obstructions in brain metabolism (central and peripheral neurotransmitters). 7. disturbances in hormone production (microplastics and other toxins as hormone interrupters): reduction of sex hormones, suppression of serotonin production (the feel-good hormone), activation of stress hormones. 8. inhibition in the bone marrow with deformities of red and white blood cells. 9. disorders of the autonomic nervous system. 10. Obstructions in the clotting cascade. 11. increased formation of ROS (free oxygen radicals) that cause inflammation throughout the body. 12. reduction of blood flow in the arterial capillaries. 13. increase in body temperature. 14. all environmental toxins ultimately damage the immune system and have an immunosuppressive effect. 15. all environmental toxins that remain in the body for a prolonged period (i.e., the majority) cause underlying inflammation over time. 16 Haber's rule: The longer a poison stays in the body, the more harmful it becomes over time.

If we understand nature's logic and biochemistry, we can recognize the causes of diseases and find logical ways of treating them.

One of the most powerful instruments in environmental medicine is INUSpheresis® and is the most effective form of blood washing (apheresis). It filters everything in your body that has led to the development of your disease and stands in the way of treating chronic inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases and many other diseases.

Chelation therapy is equally useful. Here we administer chelating agents intravenously (IV), that literally grabs on to toxic heavy metals with forceps at the chemical/structural level  (Cheilos means "forceps" in ancient Greek) and in this way washes them out of the connective tissue, fatty tissue, nerve tissue, the eyes (retina, macula) and all other organs. Immediately afterward, the amounts of toxic heavy metals washed out of the body can be detected in the urine.

Both therapies are highly effective and can help you pave the way to improved health and quality of life.

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