Clinic for chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and environmental medicine

What makes us different from other clinics?

We live in an age of chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and environmental toxicity. Our key areas of focus are root cause analysis and root cause therapy.

At BIOLOGICUM+ we systematically and thoroughly investigate the root causes of disease. We aim to restore our patients' natural ability to regulate their own health – using scientifically proven methods and comprehensive laboratory diagnostics. These diagnostics are used to confirm or disprove any suspicious findings. We believe that merely suppressing symptoms with an "antidote" (antiallergic, antidepressant, antidiabetic, etc.) is not enough. And because many of our patients have a "history," they are relieved to be diagnosed and treated holistically for the first time.

Your examination will be more thorough and detailed than you might be accustomed to. Once completed, we can discuss further treatment steps with you.

What do we do differently?

  1. We take time for you.
  2. We look deeper and use highly specialized laboratory diagnostics, including environmental analyses, indirect evidence of inflammation, as well as methods for early disease detection, such as thermography.
  3. We identify the causes that make you ill because causal remedies can only be developed through multidimensional thinking.
  4. We think across disciplines, combining conventional scientific medicine, environmental medicine, and the most advanced methods of biological and naturopathic medicine to offer holistic medicine as we understand it. A maximum of synergies!
  5. We offer the best that modern science has to offer and make it possible for you to take advantage of the most effective form of plasma cleaning currently available (INUSpheresis®, i.e. apheresis) to help you overcome your chronic condition.
  6. We are experienced and highly competent. As the director of the institute, Dr. Steinmeier applies his many years of well-founded and continually updated knowledge in a carefully focused manner. As a specialist for anesthesia, emergency medicine, and general medicine with a focus on environmental medicine and naturopathic biological treatment, he has dedicated himself to treating people and draws on over 30 years of medical experience.
  7. We provide a network of specialists who can assist you in the necessary medical steps for your recovery. Dentists, ophthalmologists, ENT physicians, gynecologists and other specialists with environmental and holistic medical training are at your disposal.
  8. Obsolete paradigms and encrusted, lobby-driven thinking have contributed to the suffering of many chronically ill patients. But we think differently about medicine, and we are committed to changing this.


  • Root cause analysis and therapy instead of suppressing symptoms
  • The aim of medicine: to restore the body's own self-regulation and initiate self-healing.
  • The human body is a holistic system. Our individual organs are not isolated from each other but work together like gears of a clock.
  • These days, environmental toxins unavoidably affect everyone and play an increasingly important role.
  • Foods are highly significant – pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods
  • We are surrounded by toxic body care products, household detergents, toxic cosmetics and combinations of multiple medications whose interactions and side effects can no longer be scientifically assessed
  • Paradigm shift - We have to rethink medicine:  biological, holistic, causal, environmental medicine


You can find more information on diagnostics and root cause analysis or on our therapeutic treatments by clicking the links here or in the top menu.