Biological Medicine

The Key to Self-Regulation

Biological medicine means treating patients not only with the chemical "anti" medications of university medicine (i.e., anti-biotics, anti-allergics, anti-depressants, anti-diabetics, etc.) but also with treatments that are centuries or even thousands of years old, along with modern and innovative, proven natural remedies.

Biological medicine doesn't aim to block natural metabolic processes with anti-medicines but instead to restore the body's self-regulation with the help of natural remedies.

Since natural remedies cannot be patented, pharmaceutical companies and universities largely ignore them. They can't be sold at a high price, but that doesn't mean they're not highly effective.

For example, morphine, which comes from the poppy plant, is a potent sleep inducer and can be highly effective in relieving pain. Frankincense (lat. Boswellia), especially African frankincense, has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. In combination with the active ingredients of turmeric (curcuma) and devil's claw (harpagophytum), African frankincense (Boswellia papyrifera) is just as strong as cortisone – but without all its side effects. These examples show how effective natural remedies are.

Genuinely holistic medicine cannot forego the use of well-known and thoroughly studied natural remedies.

Biological medicine focuses on the cells, the elementary functional units of our body. All the biochemical and biophysical processes that make life possible take place here. This should be the focus of our attention. We have to understand the matrix according to Prof. Hartmut Heine (University of Düsseldorf) and the system of basic regulation according to Prof. Alfred Pischinger (University of Vienna). The basic patterns of biological self-regulation are the acid-base balance, the functioning of the cell membranes as the brain of each cell, the functioning of the mitochondria (the power plants of each cell), and the consideration of epigenetics, the determining factor in which human genes are used or not. Moreover, biological medicine gives special consideration to the individual's ability to detoxify, which determines how well a person is able to excrete metabolic and environmental toxins. This, too, is an essential factor in natural self-regulation.

In addition to individually adapted oral biological therapy, we provide the following biological medicine treatments:

  • Individually adapted fortification infusions
  • Individually adapted anti-inflammatory infusions
  • Individually adapted detoxification infusions